Week 8 Day 3

Wakaka…this will be my final post for this particular assignment!  I’m so so so happy!  Hmmm…what should I write?  Maybe, can randomly write about anything…LOL!

I just submitted my application form to one of the staff in USQ.  Tomorrow evening, I’ll check Sonia, the Online Placement system to see whether they have approved or not.  Crossing my fingers…LOL!

Ohhh…how?  How?  How?  Arrggghhhh…my unit plan!!!  I am so stressed just because I don’t know what to do with my empty unit plan template!!!

Haha…I stole it from Rachel!  I like this picture so much…LOL!

Fascinating!!!  What is this Quizlet?  It looks cute, a big map there and there are so many dots!  Okay, I’m going to explore!  Now, cannot explore because it is very late, it is already 3.45am!  And also, this is NOT the perfect timing to explore unnecessary stuff, will check it out later!  Thanks to Wendy for sharing.