Week 5 Day 3

I’m going to buy this, bring back home and play!  I’ll check it out where to buy this thing after this assignment is over…LOL!

It is called Bee-Bot!  Wow…an Award Winning Programmable Floor Robot!

Thanks to Vicky for sharing again, and David Jones (p.s. I have almost forgotten about him!).  Let’s take another look at this YouTube video, shall we?

I accidentally saw a website selling this!  Guess…how much?  Quite expensive though, I would say!  Sigh…got to consider that properly!

Ohhh…how?  I have already fallen in love with it, love at first sight!  Desperately, I need to have one for myself and kids!

Week 5 Day 2

I had no idea at all, what else to write on my own blog!  Suddenly, I saw Simon‘s blog! Found him through Bec‘s blog, and I found Bec through Vicky‘s blog!  Thanks to all these friends, and I appreciate it!  I have learned quite a lot through this thing called BLOG!!!  My eyes are wide now (I was dozing just now…LOL!), because he posted a YouTube video on his blog!  Without further ado, let me show you that video!  I bet you’re going to love it!

See…those American kids can do the things I can’t do, they’re handling PA system and they’re like real DJs!!!  Wait…I’ll show you another YouTube video!  It is actually from Vicky‘s blog!

Haha…don’t you think those younger kids are so cute?  They even know how to use GarageBand!!!  Sigh…made me feel so bad, such a loser!

I love blogging!!!

Weel 5 Day 1

Last semester, we did EDX3160 – Science Curriculum and Pedagogy.  My group chose The 5 E Learning Cycle Model, I didn’t really read what is exactly the whole thing about, simply judged those 5 E all by myself and put them into my own words!  This semester, I think I should dig to find out more…LOL!

I have found a very good website to describe it!  The 5 E Learning Cycle Model explains in detailed, go read that by yourself!  I have just glanced through the whole page, will read it when I am free!  Carmen said she’s going to use it again for her Assignment 2, on her blog, she actually asked for some feedback from the public about 5 E is workable for Mathematics.  Feel like answering her but then, better not, I’m running out of time, my goodness!


Week 4 Day 3

Haha…I was just wondering, should I get one iPad mini or iPad with Retina display for myself after reading Vicky‘s blog!  I even asked Chai Hung and another friend of mine in Penang!  I was thinking IF I have one iPad, that will be great for teaching young children at the kindergarten where I will go for my practicum.

In fact, I tried to use iPad before, which was six months ago, I told my brother about NOT buying iPad since it’s less useful compared to Macbook and I said I won’t buy until recently, I did research on iPad!  There is an American guy called Mike Elgan, who wrote Why Every Child in America Needs an iPad, I have to admit, he has ALL the good points and I fully support this idea of letting young children play.

Week 4 Day 2

Hmmm…this is interesting!  I thought alignment is something else, an arrangement in a straight line!

Basically, it’s about…

  • Curriculum – What is taught?Syllabus, school priorities and system priorities.
  • Assessment – How is student learning assessed?Making judgements using Standards (criteria) based on student evidence.
  • Pedagogy – How do teachers teach?Pedagogy aligned to the type of learning to be done.

Next, we’re going to use the Backwards Design to plan.  It consists of three steps…

  1. Identify desired results.What should students know, understand, and be able to do? What is worthy of understanding? What enduring understandings are desired?To answer these questions it can help to:
    • Consider goals.
    • Examine content standards from the curriculum
    • Review curriculum expectations.
    • Think of teacher/student interests.
  2. Determine acceptable evidence.How will we know if students have achieved the desired results and met the standards? What will we accept as evidence of student understanding and proficiency?
    • Consider a range of assessment methods – informal and formal assessment during a unit.
  3. Plan learning experiences and instruction.
    • What enabling knowledge (facts, concepts and principles) and skills (procedures) will students need to perform effectively and achieve desired results?
    • What activities will equip students with the needed knowledge and skills?
    • What will need to be taught and coached, and how should it best be taught in light of performance goals?
    • What materials and resources are best suited to accomplish these goals?
    • Is the overall design coherent and effective?

      Backward Design

Week 4 Day 1

Haha…I have tried to draw Stickman by sharing screen with Kay Yi on Skype.  Both of us were laughing out loud at those cute actions we have drawn.

Take a look at my two photos…LOL!  I have drawn butterfly wings for my Stickman, as for the second photo, my Stickman has long pointed canine teeth like a vampire wearing a tiger costume cloak!  Interesting, huh?

Anyway, I don’t really get the true meaning of why this Stickman was mentioned on StudyDesk.  Is it for us to play around?  Or something else?  I seriously don’t get it!  Let’s forget it then…

Week 3 Day 2

I always wonder, are iPads good for young children?  I used to tell my relatives and friends about iPads are not good for young children.  Now, because of EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy, I need to do some readings just to confirm, iPads are really good.

Before iPads are out in the market, anywhere you go, you will see, many parents let their kids watch television.  Even kindergartens, especially, while waiting for the parents to pick them up.  Once they reach homes, they will watch television.  Two thirds of families watch television while having dinner.  Kids spend more time watching TV than they do in class.  More than two-thirds of daycare centers let their kids watch TV during daycare hours.

The number-one category of product advertised on children’s TV shows is junk food.  Children tend to buy those junk foods at the school canteen and right after school at 7-ELEVENs.  Children want to be stimulated with humor, drama, and fun.  Basically, parents also need a break.  I would say, iPads are not the new problem, in fact, iPads are the new solution to the old problem.  By replacing TV time with iPad use, parents can improve the lives of their children.


Week 3 Day 1

After exactly almost one month, one day when we’re in the class, Angela was sitting with us, she had no idea at all what’s Take This Lollipop!  Hence, she tried.  She was amazed and kind of shocked by the whole thing, she laughed, and giggled.

Kay Yi said I should give it a try once I go back home.  That evening, I tried, and it didn’t amuse me at all anymore like the first time I watched with Angela.

Each of us should set some privacies for our own facebook accounts for our safety measures.  I have set a bit!

Week 2 Day 3

Hmmm…GoPro camera seems to fascinate me!  I have been considering to purchase one for myself, after watching Hello Kitty in Space on StudyDesk.  Kind of cheap, compared to a DSLR camera.  Anyway, my main point is (I do have one though…),  I think it is a must to have a camera in an early childhood setting, perhaps, a digital camera will be wonderful for the kids to snap some.

According to Vicky, she is a friend of mine, she has mentioned someone called Manpreet Kaur Parmar on her blog, about this person shared her point of view on her blog, it is about children view the world from different perspective than we adults which, I also agree after since I started to work with young children.  After reading this website, Children and Adults See the World Differently, Research Finds – interesting, isn’t it?  I guess, we should let children snap more.  From there, we will be able to know and understand them more.

Also, I just realized that we have very cute and colorful digital cameras for our kids!  Fascinating gadget and they do look like toys!  Can they function?  Haha…